About The Author

Skater, visionary, serial entrepreneur, and the CEO of Sk8rz Konnect, a platform to highlight the skills and artistry of the forms of skating: roller, ice, and skateboarders.She is a decorated U.S. Army Veteran, International Best Selling Author, graduate of the University of Maryland, and passionate about volunteering and helping others in the community. Through The Evolution of Skating series, Palmer hopes to unify each genre of the arts under one platform to connect, view, and encourage skaters in their respective fields.Amirah is available for speaking engagements, book signings, interviews, and other events.

The evolution of skating is the journey through the lives of skaters as they share their tales of discovery, growth, inspiration and passion of when they fell in love with roller skating and the impact it has on their life.  This compilation of stories will take you on a twisting ride into the gritty underground of adult roller-skating introducing event organizers, videographers, DJ’s, skate critics, rink owners and more.

Amirah Palmer